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Laughter Yoga

What is Laughter Yoga?

A method invented by an Indian physician, named Dr. Kataria Madan, based on group sessions of conscious and mechanical practice of laughter for no reason, (without the use of humor or comedic acts
or other external stimulus to make people laugh), we practice the laughter from the body, and are aided by the contagious effect of a mechanism laughter, (senses of sight / hearing). The practice is performed through interpersonal interactions while moving in space and making eye contact. The practice combines elements of breathing, stretching and relaxation from the world of yoga. Laughter is an intense aerobic activity (raises blood pressure and pulse) and therefore balances it with yogic breathing and stretching which calms the body and claims
Him again.

The goals of the meetings

  1. Healing and prevention of diseases
  2. Release of tension and release of pressure
  3. Develop a positive and optimistic approach to life (regardless of circumstances).

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